How far do you make it?

Year: 2009

The Chancers-How far do you make it?
1Talcahuano girls03:42
2Off to California/ the road to errogie03:45
3The world turned upside down03:36
4Monaghan‘s / Ferguson og‘s / Jig for John#106:08
5Aly‘s waltz / Gillian‘s waltz05:43
6Jack Monroe05:04
7Mcleods farewell / Music in the glen the easy club reel06:03
8The tar road to sligo / Silvermines / Lady anne montgomery04:36
9The hunting of arscott of tetcott05:04
10The lochaber badger / Waiting for janet / Seven of eight06:53
11Close it down / Duncan Johnstone04:03
12The broken pledge / Liz Carroll‘s / Siún‘s reel05:19

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