Přehled skladeb interpreta - Hypnos

18×37 (adrenaline code)
About trust / the anatomy of empathy
Across the battlefields
After the carnage
Alliance of snakes - reptilian conception
At death's door
Black nymph reveals
Breeding the scums
Burn the angels down
Burning again - hymn of eternal fire
Cleansing extrema
Crystal purity of treachery
Decadence - art of modern misery
Der Mordschlag / germanophobe II
Drowned in burial mud
Endorsed by satan
Evil awaken
Extremely dark days
Fatal shine of the sky
Get inspired by the light / discipline of self-treatment
Haereticum minuet / rebels dancing
Heroism of new era
Cholera - mor
I am the wind
In blood we trust
In blood we trust (II)
In love with death
Intraoseal fibrom - glorification of dehydrated tumour
Inverted - chasing the apostles
Journey into doom
Krieg: the alpha paradox
Mesmerized - beyond the spiritual knowledge
Nailed to the golden throne
One flesh, one blood
Open the gates of hell
Paranormal vertigo - ode to one's perfection
Raven's opera d-moll
Sin collectors
Supernatural race disharmony
Symphony V. - la resurrazione ferale - ominous prelude
The cave
The gift of hope
The message
The quisting celebration
The whitecrow
Too dark to shine / too young to die
Towards humanity
Tribe fire ritual
Urbi at morbid - farewell to sanctity
Versus the void
Where the rooks fly to cry - far trip to vinnland