Midlife punk's dilemma (feat. Ashley slater)


Free radicals
In my soul
Are tearing mea part
I need a moment alone thinking ´bout
The things I want to do
I've spent my life
All of the things I shouldn't do
Now I'm alone
With myself
I'm gonna make a list of all the things
I want to do

I'm gonna shoot some smack into the vein
Pick a fight with a stranger in the hallway
Laugh when you tell me of your heartbreak
And drive when I'm drunk on the highway
I'm gonna stop pretending that I give a damn
Spit on the pavement and fuck (or eat) the holy lamp
I'll také your wallet and fuck up your sabbatical
I'm just an old happy free radical

I'm gonna shove old ladies out of my way
Gonna mess it all up like a cliche
Instead of recycle, gonna throw away
Gonna shout at the priest on a Sunday
Stop pretending that I give a fuck
Don't ask for nothing cause you're out of luck
I'll make my point make it emphatical
I'm just an old happy free radical

We radicals
We grow old
The fire may burn low
We can take you all on and teach you all
A thing or two
I will not try
This now is what I am gona be

I'll follow my
I'll open secret box
And show you
A different part of me

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