Gone crazy

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Lonely dream of emptiness
In the bed we're back to back

Thrilled by your body, while getting dressed
Is it love, well I don't know

Talking until the night's away
But the sun don't wanna shine

None of us would take a break
From being hypnotized

Uuu, hey, baby, you're as soft as a hologram
Uuu, gone crazy, for those lips that keeps me calm

When you decide to blow my mind
Nothing ever stops you from the crime

Uuu, just maybe, is there a chance, you got no heart

I'm lucky that you let me into
your world full of mad desires

Sometimes you seem terrified
But you've a program called "set on fire"

Make the story short, you're still on my mind
Wet kisses in the shower

It's over now, but nonetheless
I'm still on your wall as a photograph

Cold as ice to you
It seems I'll get what I want after all
Not that it matters what happens to you
If I can use us that's more than enough
Just maybe there's a chance I've got no heart

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