MMXII: Here & Now - At the Threshold ov End Times part I.

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Part I: The Body (The Many Who Became One, Yet Refused to Dissolve into None)
A lone velvet hermit wandering among the scattered stars
In a state ov cancer-driven despair
About to roam through the center ov the galaxy
This pitiful planet infested with a parody ov intelligent life
A life dependent on shackles ov obsolete and long dead egregores
Monotheistic centralized religions
Organized apocalyptic death cults
Awaiting a promised savior
Who seems to be two millennia late
An Aeon ov a constant Armageddon
Reawaken each day to the same nightmare
In bonds ov the deepest spiritual slavery
A curse upon you, the Many who became One,
Yet refused to dissolve into None!
MMXII e.v. -- or CVIII ov the Aeon ov Horus (if you will)
The best possible time
To accelerate the intricate process
Ov subconscious acceptance
Ov New Aeon values
By these ignorant, profane masses
Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammed -- they all were wrong
I, born from a fallen star
A herald ov the Age ov Aquarius, (one ov many)
Shall succeed where they have failed!
Let the world be embraced
In the arms ov the seven-breasted Babalon
Our Scarlet Lady riding the seven-headed Beast
To Mega Therion, Sescenti Sexaginta Sex
...let the fucking orgasm ov the Apocalypse cummence!

I invoke thee, Qabalistic Zero!
The sacred Nothing, the metaphysical Vacuum within us!
The freedom which is truly valueless!
Unleash me! Bring the fall ov all egregores and memes
Let thy metacosmic Nihilism be witnessed by every eye!
All Hail Ankh-af-na-Khonsu!
All Hail Hoor-Paar-Kraat!
All Hail Ra-Hoor-Khuit!
All Hail Heru-Ra-Ha!
I refuse to inhale the opium ov the masses ever again...
This is the triumph ov the individual!
Here I stand -- in the sacred Here & Now --
Unbound by both Past & Future.

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